Yamanochaya (from now on referred to as gthis hotelh) is deeply aware of the importance of customersf personal information, complies with the laws related to information security, uses such information properly and recognizes that it is an enterprisefs duty to the public to thoroughly protect such information. Therefore, this hotel drew up the following policies in order to provide services with high security standards.

1. This hotel makes every effort to comply with laws, rules and regulations, which are related to privacy, and to protect personal information held by this hotel.
2. This hotel recognizes the possibility of illegal access to personal information, and of loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of such information, and therefore, takes appropriate safety measures to ensure the security and accuracy of such information.
3. This hotel collects and uses customersf personal information for its own business activities only and will not provide customersf personal information to a third party without consent of customers or other holders of such information as a general rule.
4. This hotel administers customersf personal information strictly and uses such information only within the range of its own business activities, so that customers can feel at ease when providing such personal information.
5. This hotel manages the security of its system, develops and maintains the system, and modifies it continuously, and improves it, if necessary, in order to implement the privacy policy.

Enacted on January 7, 2008

This hotel strictly administers and protects customersf personal information.
The hotel makes every effort to properly collect and use personal information, takes precautions to protect such information against incidents such as of loss, leakage, appropriation and illegal access,
and takes appropriate measures if such a problem should arise.

Personal information refers to information which is related to an individualfs privacy and by which an individual can be identified. However, information, which has been processed for statistical analysis purposes and therefore which cannot be used to identify individuals, does not fall within the range of personal information. Customers (users) viewing this website provide information mainly such as their names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and residential addresses. Such information is essential for making reservations. In some situations a customer may be asked to provide information other than the above mentioned information. In such a case, customers may select the information (other than mandatory items) to provide. This hotel collects customersf personal information for the following purposes.

1. To make reservations such as for rooms, parties and other services, and to ensure customersf safety.
2. To make reservations for rooms.
3. To promote services, merchandise, events, and campaigns, which are offered by this hotel, and to provide and administer these above mentioned.
4. To implement questionnaires such as for services and rooms, which this hotel provides.
5. To develop new services and merchandise, which this hotel provides.
6. All activities which are accompanying or related to items (1) to (5) above.
7. To notify customers of services or merchandise, which this hotel provides.
8. To provide promotional information such as for services, merchandise, various events or campaigns, which are related to enterprises such as this hotel or its affiliates, and other related information.
9. To respond to enquiries, requests, etc.

This hotel will never divulge customers' personal information to a third party other than subcontractors, without customersf consent.
This hotel instructs and administers its subcontractors to ensure that they handle customersf personal information in an appropriate manner.
However, if required by law, such personal information may be divulged to governmental authorities.
In addition, the various terms and conditions of the privacy policy of this website will not be applied to the contents of outside websites which are linked to this website or services provided on such websites.
This hotel will be neither responsible for the contents of websites other than this hotelfs website nor the privacy policies of such websites.

This hotel uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption in order to safely conduct the transmission of data which need protection, such as personal information.
The information transmitted between the web server of this website and a customerfs browser is protected by SSL technology.
Customers do not need to change the browser configurations to use SSL.
SSL encryption is automatic if browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explore or Netscape Navigator, which are equipped with security functions, are used with default configurations.
If the SSL setting in your browser is off or your browser is not equipped with SSL, the web pages on this website may not be displayed or you may be unable to fill out information.
*If your computer is connected to the internet via devices such as for in-house LAN or firewalling, or your computerfs configuration is not properly set up, communication with SSL may not be available.
If you have problems connecting to the internet, please contact your network administrator.